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The Tivoli redefines the standard for interior style and trim for a small crossover. A chunky D-Cut steering wheel feels and looks good, the fascia is ergonomic, modern and purposeful. Both the EX and the ELX models come with leather trims as standard, which gives the Tivoli and interior usually found in vehicles that are twice the price, making travelling in the Tivoli very special indeed.

Space isn't an issue either. There is plenty of room for both driver and front seat passenger, and three adults can sit comfortably in the rear.

The Tivoli comes with a number of interior features, depending on which specification you choose. For instance, the ELX features a smart cluster that allows you to change its colour depending on your mood. There is a sophisticated trip computer on all Tivoli's that shows tyre pressures, distance to empty, distance travelled and outside temperature.

The Tivoli SE comes with a double DIN radio that is both Bluetooth and iPod compatible. The EX model comes with a 7” touchscreen while the ELX comes with a full European TomTom navigation. Both the EX and the ELX also come with a rear-view camera.

The SE is equipped with manually controlled air conditioning with the EX and the ELX models featuring dual-zone air conditioning which allows driver and passenger to set individual temperatures and there's a memory feature for next time to use the function.

"Open the Tivoli and… cor, a chunky flat-bottomed wheel. And there’s more. The materials aren’t horrid, there’s useful seating adjustment and it all feels nicely screwed down. The tall, Hyundai-style dash layout is pleasing" - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

"If you want something different from your small crossover, the SsangYong Tivoli is close to matching its mainstream rivals in most areas" - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"The Tivoli is the first SsangYong that you might buy on merit, rather than simply because it’s cheap" - The Telegraph Contributing Editor Chris Knapman

The Telegraph Review

"it’s really spacious, front and back, and the seats are excellent" - Car Magazine Managing Editor Greg Fountain

Car Magazine Review


The Tivoli is as practical as it is elegant. There's a large flexible load-space that adapts to your requirements and the rear load-space is amongst the best in it's class with a space of 423 litres, meaning the rear can accommodate three golf bags. The cargo bay comes with a luggage cover for security and a folding removable luggage board that provides an easily loaded flat platform and hides a discreet storage space below.


The Tivoli's elegant shape features a swept back “floating” roofline, reminiscent of premium 4×4's. Finished with details such as projection headlamps, stylish LED positioning lights front and rear, also with LED repeaters on the door mirrors (ELX model), the Tivoli stands out from the crowd.

Standard exterior colours of the Tivoli are; Grand White, Silent Silver, Flaming Red, Dandy Blue and Space black.


A choice of ultra-modern petrol or diesel 1.6 litre engines, 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmissions and Torque on Demand 4×4 available on EX and ELX diesels means that there's a Tivoli for every requirement. The automatic gearbox is equipped with three alternative shift strategies – eco, power and winter to suit your driving needs.

The Torque on Demand features an advanced 4×4 system that operates in two modes depending on conditions and settings. In auto mode and normal conditions the Tivoli remains in two wheel drive mode to optimise fuel efficiency however when sensors detect a potential loss of grip, the system progressively engages the four wheel drive mode. For very loose or slippery surfaces, the 4×4 system can be locked to allocate drive equally between front and rear wheels. This provides supreme grip and control for low-speed manoeuvres.

To maximise efficiency, all Tivoli's are equipped with electronic cruise control. The steering wheel mounted controls allow the driver to maintain a set speed without having to keep their foot on the accelerator. The steering wheel has controls meaning you can keep your full, undivided attention on driving. The ELX features a push button starting system that allows the car to be started without having to use the key.


Safety features on the Tivoli include; Forward Collision warning and autonomous emergency braking, which detects a potential collision with a vehicle, pedestrian or obstacle, by producing a warning signal and if necessary the emergency braking will intervene with the appropriate amount of force to minimise damage. Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist are both designed to alert the driver that the vehicle is about to deviate from a traffic lane. A small amount of counter steering force can be automatically applied to keep the car towards the centre of the lane.

A Traffic Sign Recognition system recognises the speed limit signs and provides the driver with an on-screen warning, whilst the high beam assist system detects oncoming vehicles and the rear lights of vehicles in front and dips headlamp high beams accordingly.

The Tivoli is equipped with 7 air-bags for maximum passenger protection on impact – the most in its class. Isofix child seat mountings and to the rear outer seats to allow a firm and rigid attachment of child seats.

NCAP have given the Tivoli a 4 Star Rating for safety.

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